Remah, NM Beef Program Presentation
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Remah, NM Beef Program Presentation

Members of 14R Ranch have become known as the “go to guys” for producers of fine beef products. Chapters and producers around the Navajo Reservation have heard of the “Navajo Beef Project” and want to learn how to get in the project. This was the case at the Remah Chapter in Remah, NM. The Remah chapter official invited 14R Ranch to do a presentation at the chapter house and provide as much information and guidance as possible on how to get into the Navajo Beef Project. They wanted to know what was all of the steps they needed to follow in order to successfully make use of the Navajo Beef Project.

14R Ranch board president Elwood Pahi did the presentation and laid out all of the necessary step that needed to be followed in order to be a part of the Navajo Beef Program. Elwood went through the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) system. Illustrating the importance of timely vaccinations and also the importance of where to place the vaccination shots. He also discussed the importance of weaning at the right time so that when the calf sale occurs there is not a truck load of “balling” calf.

RemahPresentation-1The presentation was also attended by off rez non-native attendees. They show a lot of interest in the program.

After the presentation was made there were a lot of questions. This gave  the other 14R attendees a chance to express their knowledge and experiences with the Navajo Beef Program. The presentation was well received and the Remah Chapter residents expressed both surprise and admiration that the 14R group was so knowledgeable.