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Home of the Navajo Beef Program

Fall Calf Sale

When the fall calf sale was conducted and the cattle producers of 14R Ranch saw how easy it was there were lots of smiles all around. Cattle producers are used to going to the sale barn where they get very low prices and treated like second class citizens. Navajo cattle was relocated to the bottom of the heap.

There was no consistent vaccination procedures or record keeping, and the auction house used any excuse to keep prices low. Then there was the cost of transportation and a person had to pay a commission.

calf_sale2When the calf sale was conducted at the hub in Navajo, Arizona it was all Navajo taking care and treating one another in a nice loving manner. After all the cattle was ear tagged and weighted then prices were negotiated with the cattle broker Billy Hall in a open and transparent manner. There was not transportation cost, and no commission. Everyone got the same top price for their cattle with no shrinkage. On top of all that if anyone’s cattle graded “prime” there was an added $30.00 incentive. With “source verification” the IMI ear tag keeps track of which producer the cattle come from.