Home of the Navajo Beef Program

14R Ranch was conceived as a means to conduct calf sales and pay the producers. The administrators of 14R Ranch soon realized that in order to do just this one thing properly they need to incorporate. Not quite knowing how to do this they reached out to resources that was available to the residents of Nahata D’ziil. They were able to get a capacity building grant from The Colorado Plateau Foundation, and a non-profit corporation was formed.

The residents of Nahata D’zill are the original members of the Navajo Beef Project. As such they need a means to sell their cattle collectively, yet get paid as individuals. 14R Ranch Inc. came into existence for that reason.

Selling cattle collectively, and paying producers individually is what 14R Ranch Inc. does.

As a non-profit organization 14R Ranch Inc. is reaching out to the community in order to explore other ways to serve the community.

14R Ranch Inc. has the strength to grow in the manner indicated by the community.